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January 2013 (Social Go Server)


[credit to Mychew for introducing]


Xinwen would like to promote the new Go Server called the developed by Patricio and Gabriel who intended to create a whole new experience for Go players.

Try it out, and let them know your opinions and suggestions at which is currently still under Beta Test.

Let me know too, if you want to share your thoughts.

Unexpected treasure of year 2012

Greetings by Brunei Darussalam Go Association
Greetings by Brunei Darussalam Go Association

[quick design by Xinwen]


The world did not end on the 21st of December, 2012, god was not that bad to stop all of us playing go.

In my list of 2012 Resolution from
– Reach solid 5-dan (I have pledged not to play go time being)
– 10 players reaching dan-level (we have three additional qualified 1-dan players, well done!)
– More female players (still not more enough)
– More Single-digit kyu players (we have quite a few progressing to this level, I’m pleased)
– More demonstration (we did something awesome!)
– More organising team (not many yet..)


This is my second year not able to manage anything about Go in Brunei that much, it was regretful. However, the acting president, Chai Hui has been really putting effort to promote the game setting up Go Club and organising events.

Moreover, This year international scene was the best compared to the past years especially in Nanning Tournament and Korea Tournament. I hope I can live to witness more improvement in result though, never wanted Brunei to be ranked as one of the weakest in South East Asia.

District Workshop was certainly the greatest enjoyment but it was not considered perfection. I hope we can make this workshop again in 2013. I had approached the Olympic Council to become one of the member, though there was no answer from them yet.


What has not fulfilled? Considering it as the Association’s resolution, i would say:

– Logo Competition
– Need more recruitment
– Set up more active go clubs
– Improvement the level of performance
– Funding for the Association
– Committee members organization

and here is the 2013 proposal activities:

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