*Representatives of Brunei*

ChaiHui, Sid and HuiYee

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Finally the representatives of Brunei had safely landed on the land of Nanning, Guangxi of China making their debut in the Nanning Weiqi Tournament (第八届东盟围棋赛), from the 3rd November to the 8th November, 2012.

The representatives are:-
LIM Chai Hui
Sid Miller
SUNG Hui Yee

*Participants List*

Participant List
Participant List

*introduction: Player*


Profile of LIM Chai Hui:
– Playing since 2010, leader of 6th-gen.
– Graded 9kyu from the 1st Brunei Weiqi League
Founding member of Brunei Darussalam Go Association since 2011.
– Vice-Secretary of BDGA in 2011.
– Acting Vice-President of BDGA since 2012.
– Founder of UBD Go Club (http://ubdgoclub.blogspot.com) since 2012.
– Participated in the 4th CHMS Alumni Association Weiqi Tournament, June 2010.
– Participated in the 1st Interschool Pair Go tournament – Crystal Pair Title Match, December 2010.

Profile of Sid Miller:
– Playing since 2011, leader of 7th-gen.
– Graded 10-kyu since 2012.
– Official member of Brunei Darussalam Go Association
 since 2012.
3rd-place in the 1st Brunei Shusaku Memorial Tournament, June 2012.
– Participated in Warwick Go Tournament, Coventry November 2011.
– Participated in the Oxford Go Tournament, February 2012.

Profile of SUNG Hui Yee:
– playing since 2007, 3rd gen.
– Graded China 3-kyu since 2010.
– Holding the honourary title: Strongest Female Go Player in Brunei since 2008
Founding member of Brunei Darussalam Go Association since 2011.
– Acting Secretary General of BDGA in 2011.
– Most Valuable Female player – All – win – in Brunei Team Tournament June, 2008
– 2nd Place in Brunei Team Tournament, June 2008
– Participated in the 4th Nanning, International Weiqi Tournament, October 2008
– Participated in the 6th Nanning, International Weiqi Tournament, October 2010