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HoSoon against Finland 5-dan 1st round
HoSoon against Finland 5-dan 1st round


Profile of ANG Ho Soon:-
– Member since 2007, the 3rd-gen.
– Graded Brunei 7-kyu since 2008.
– Official member of Brunei Darussalam Go Association since 2012.
– Participated in the 1st CHMS Alumni  Association Pair Go Tournament, December 2007.
– Participated in the 3rd CHMs Alumni Association Pair Go Tournament – Golden Pair Title Match, December 2008.
– Participated in the 6th Brunei Amateur Igo Tournament,June 2009.
– Participated in the 5th Nanning Weiqi Tournament, September 2009.

This was the first debut for HoSoon to be in the glamorous scene of International Tournament, South Korea on the 25th of October to the 30th of October, 2012. The event was at  Yeomju Stadium in Gwangju.

The event outline can be seen here: http://www.wbaduk.com/news/news_view.asp?news_no=607.
Full result can be viewed here: http://www.wbaduk.com/news/news_view.asp?news_no=612.
Full participants list can be found here: https://plus.google.com/photos/110729328810009710701/albums/5803323798316464321/5803323802630966370

Nevertheless, Ho Soon had made not only the BDGA proud and for himself for such achievement. Earned himself 44th out of 70th. The best debut achievement in BDGA history (surpassed Xinwen)
Won against participant Indian Replacement, The Philippines and Armenia.
Lost against participant from Finland, Turkey and USA.

ANG HoSoon is then hereby, promoted to Brunei 3-kyu.


List of participants
List of participants
Snap shot
Snap shot

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