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November 2012

fun: Adult topic of Go by Brunei

*KGS chat log*



[credit all goes to recorder: Chai Hui]


supertulan: i should find a gal who know go as gf
supertulan: 7k would be idea
handy: yes u should
supertulan: ideal*
supertulan: everynite can kill her
supertulan: wakakakak
handy: lol
handy: settling differences in go board is epic
xinwen: ………
supertulan: ”dear, i wanna atari u tonite~”
supertulan: woohooooo
licher: lol
xinwen: dear, when can we create our own joseki?
supertulan: waseh
supertulan: that one is pro dear
Peiling: u wanna atari u tonight is awesome man!!!!!!
licher: waseh
xinwen: scouts always attack me..
supertulan: imagine ur gf hug u from behind, then whisper, ”a-ta-ri~”…then kiss ur cheek
xinwen: …………….
supertulan: waoh~
licher: lol
licher: …………………………….
xinwen: imagine while hugging, she said “can we have a joseki?” u push her back
handy: ………………………………………..
licher: …………….
supertulan: …….
Jakex: Censor!! We need censor!
handy: imagine while hugging , she yell loudly into ur ear ” DIEEEE ! ”
supertulan: LOL!!!
licher: nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
xinwen: wow that’s a tesuji move!
supertulan: you directly
kiddai: wth? LOL
supertulan: we should make a log, record down all these precious quotes
xinwen: “..i’m not giving you a sente in yose..!”
Jakex: I have my two eye on you, so u cant kill me

news: Great success of 2 wins in debut in the 8th Nanning Weiqi Tournament (第八届东盟围棋赛)

*Promotion to 1-dan*

ChaiHui, HuiYee and Sid promoted to China 1-dan
ChaiHui, HuiYee and Sid promoted to China 1-dan

[all photos credit to ChaiHui]


This is probably the first time, Brunei making progression result for the year (with HoSoon gotten 3-wins for debut). This year nevertheless, ChaiHui and Sid managed to grab their 2 wins from the Cambodian player and the Philippines representative during the tournament on the 3rd November ~ 8th November, 2012.

Furthermore, there were all promoted to China 1-dan with official certificate!


Champion; 王恒 (Wang Heng), Nanning
Runner-Up: Lou Yu Xiang, Singapore
2nd Runner-up: Nuttakrit Taechaamnuayvit, Thailand

5th place:  黄艾伦(Huang Ailun), Macao
6th place: Goh Rong Yao, Singapore

10th place: Jimmy Cheng Khai Yong (钟凯荣), Malaysia
11th place: Lu Huangqiu (盧環球), Macao

21st place: Radmah Dhani, Indonesia
: Kew Chieng Chong (邱健聪), Malaysia

24th place: Wicky Sugiharta, Indonesia

27th place: Lim Chai Hui (林佳慧), Brunei
: Sid Miller, Brunei

by the way, please support Brunei Darussalam Go Association at
Brunei (National, KGS)

more pictures here!

intro manga: Crow in the starry sky (星空のカラス)

*Hoshizora no karasu*



Just recently, Xinwen met this very stunning news, “Hoshizora no Karasu (星空のカラス)”,a new Japanese manga series with the game of Go implemented inside as a shojo (少女) or “young girl” genre!

The synopsis acquired from internet is as followed:-

Karasuma Waka (烏丸和歌) is a 13 years old girl who adores go. She received this passion for the game from her grandfather, a professional go player. She loves go so much that she even forgets to make her hair cut ! However, her mother doesn’t authorize her to play go, since she has a bad image of his father, who once left playing his game when his wife was dying.

One day, Waka sees a game of a very strong professional player called Sagizaka Sôji (鷺坂総司). Impressed by his style, she decides to become pro despite the objection of her mother. The young girl proposes her a bet : if she wins the next tournament, her mother will authorize her to become pro, otherwise she will abandon her dream. Can she win her bet and realize her dream ?”

In Japan, go is also called “uro”, (“heron and crow”) which recalls the colour of stones. Can you see the author playing on words with the names of the caracters ?

Let’s hope the new manga will attire the young female public !

quoted from

more preview!

intro: Baduk Movies

*Baduk Movies Website*

Baduk Movies Screencast
Baduk Movies Screencast


Baduk Movies ( set up in February, 2012 by two very diligent go players (Peter Brower and Kim Ouweleen) from Amsterdam had made all the go players around the world more accessible in learning the game.

The website featured professional games studies, and weekly fundamental lectures recommended for all even for dans player. Highly recommended by Xinwen, please look it up!

youtube: Remembrance of Fujisawa Hideyuki (藤沢 秀行)

*Fujisawa Hideyuki*

debut: Chai Hui and Sid in the 8th Nanning Weiqi Tournament (第八届东盟围棋赛)

*Representatives of Brunei*

ChaiHui, Sid and HuiYee

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Finally the representatives of Brunei had safely landed on the land of Nanning, Guangxi of China making their debut in the Nanning Weiqi Tournament (第八届东盟围棋赛), from the 3rd November to the 8th November, 2012.

The representatives are:-
LIM Chai Hui
Sid Miller
SUNG Hui Yee

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interview: ANG HoSoon in IGF Ranka!

*RANKA, International Go Federation*

ANG HoSoon
ANG HoSoon


Such a great honour to have ANG HoSoon being interviewed by Ranka of International Go Federation at

The topic was about the his experiences in his debut and speculation of the Go Scene of Brunei’s.

click to know more of Ranka’s insight!

debut: ANG Ho Soon made 3-won in the 7th KPMC for Brunei!

*Ho soon*

HoSoon against Finland 5-dan 1st round
HoSoon against Finland 5-dan 1st round


Profile of ANG Ho Soon:-
– Member since 2007, the 3rd-gen.
– Graded Brunei 7-kyu since 2008.
– Official member of Brunei Darussalam Go Association since 2012.
– Participated in the 1st CHMS Alumni  Association Pair Go Tournament, December 2007.
– Participated in the 3rd CHMs Alumni Association Pair Go Tournament – Golden Pair Title Match, December 2008.
– Participated in the 6th Brunei Amateur Igo Tournament,June 2009.
– Participated in the 5th Nanning Weiqi Tournament, September 2009.

This was the first debut for HoSoon to be in the glamorous scene of International Tournament, South Korea on the 25th of October to the 30th of October, 2012. The event was at  Yeomju Stadium in Gwangju.

The event outline can be seen here:
Full result can be viewed here:
Full participants list can be found here:

Nevertheless, Ho Soon had made not only the BDGA proud and for himself for such achievement. Earned himself 44th out of 70th. The best debut achievement in BDGA history (surpassed Xinwen)
Won against participant Indian Replacement, The Philippines and Armenia.
Lost against participant from Finland, Turkey and USA.

ANG HoSoon is then hereby, promoted to Brunei 3-kyu.


List of participants
List of participants
Snap shot
Snap shot

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Master Chen ZuDe (陈祖德) passed away 1st November

*With Chen ZuDe*

Xinwen with Chen ZuDe, 2010
Xinwen with Chen ZuDe, 2010


Just today [1st November, 2012], not only Xinwen but everyone else who has been Chinese Fuseki lovers totally flabbergasted to comprehend the death of Chen ZuDe (陈祖德). The cause of his decease was failure to recover from cancer at the age of 68.

Chen ZuDe (陈祖德) was the father of Chinese Fuseki, was also the president of Chinese Chess Association and the president of Chinese Weiqi Association. He was the first to attain 9-dan in modern era.

A website dedicated to master Chen at

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