*Personal Archive*

Personal Archive for Uni's Task
Personal Archive for Uni’s Task


Just that you know, Xinwen is currently studying Architecture in Birmingham City University, UK. Just recently he was given a task to prepare “Personal Collection/Archive” and what else be better than Go to make this presentation?

*The presentation*

Personal Archive for Uni's Task


LIFE, as an endless learning process, meeting people and experiencing different culture and arts.
ARCHIVE, as an continuous collection, recording of events, a legacy.

Basically, It all started back in 2005/2006 when I first started to learn the game and set up the first Go Club of Brunei in Maktab Duli. Then by 2007, I started to have ambition aroused, wanted to have this game promoted throughout the country so I  contacted International Go Federation, and neighbouring country’s Association. I eventually founded the Go Association of Brunei Darussalam in 2011.

Later by 2008, after participated few International Tournament and met few people, I came to realise the importance of recording my life events down publicly – Blogging. I want my story to be told, to be spread and to left traces of evidence how Go started (legacy). This also portraying myself, my life in collection of events in my blog.

Go has too much beneficial to be missed out such as how it bridges the communication and cultures with people and so on.

Anyway… the rest of the presentation can be easily predicted (all about beneficial of Go).

thank you