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October 2012

Life as an continuous Archive

*Personal Archive*

Personal Archive for Uni's Task
Personal Archive for Uni’s Task


Just that you know, Xinwen is currently studying Architecture in Birmingham City University, UK. Just recently he was given a task to prepare “Personal Collection/Archive” and what else be better than Go to make this presentation?

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Malaysia Weiqi Association on TV news!

*Malaysia Weiqi Open Championship 2012*


Malaysia Weiqi Association (neighbouring country and Association to us Brunei), had making great achievement in throwing a huge championship once again in TARC ( in Kuala Lumpur.

The event lasted 2 days with over 100 participants! Sincere compliments from Brunei Darussalam Go Association. Hoping that Brunei has the chance to make such a scene in future!

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Guests from Taiwan Weiqi Association (December, 2010)

*Remnants Memories*



This video was taken in conjunction with the event: 1st Interschool Pair Go Tournament (, back in December 2010. The Association was able to invite two wonderful guests from Taiwan, they are  Cheng Qing Jiang (程清江) 7-dan and Johnny Jao(饶叔人)6-dan .

Membership of Brunei Darussalam Go Association

*Membership Terms and Condition*


If you’re a Go player and in Brunei, thinking about finding a place of belonging? You are the person the Association is wanting for!

Once you have became a member of the Association, you will be eligible to join the selection in representing Brunei in the International Tournament and more. The terms and Conditions for joining Brunei Darussalam Go Association is pretty simple which can be viewed here:

Please visit for more updates.

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