*KB’s workshop*

Morning Session's
Morning Session’s


The workshop for Kuala Belia and Temburong was commencing on the 10th July to the 13th July, 2012. It was on the Tuesday during the KB’s Workshop and there were 3 schools attended in the morning: St. Margaret’s School, Chung Ching and Perdana Wazir.

The afternoon session’s school was: Chung Hua Middle School and Rashidah.

The committee members of the Association who turned up were:
Sid as the Presenter
Xinwen as the Master of Ceremony
Organizers were Chai Hui and En Ru
Committee member was Haw Lin
Volunteer was Ben TW, from Miri
Refreshments and Venue were supported by Pusat Belia KB and Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport.

*Pictures of the KB’s Workshop*

En Ru's teaching
En Ru’s teaching

Ben from Miri

Sid got interviewed by RTB
Sid got interviewed by RTB
from Rashidah's
from Rashidah’s

Closing Ceremony of KB's

*Temburong’s Workshop*

Temburong's Venue


The Committee members of the Association were had to stay at the Pusat Belia of Temburong’s District for 3days and 2 nights from the 11th to the 13th July, 2012. Travelling to Temburong required boat in less than an hour.

The members who showed up were:-
Presenter: En Ru
Staff: Chai Hui, Kao Xiang, Haw Lin and Xinwen
Refreshment and Venue were provided by Pusat Belia Temburong and Kementerian Kebudayaan, Belia dan Sukan.

The Schools that came were: Sekolah Rendah Piasau-Piasau and Sekolah Rendah Sultan Hassan Bangar.


En Ru as Presenter

During the Teaching

Young General

Having Fun
Having Fun

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