*Shusaku Go Tournament*

Honinbo Shusaku
Honinbo Shusaku

(picutre source: http://learnbaduk.com/baduk-legends.html)


Brunei Darussalam Go Association is  excitedto invite everyone to participate in the upcoming Mid-Year Tournament, Brunei Darussalam Go Tournament Open – Shusaku Go Tournament (Commemoration). The event will take place in Pusat Belia for just ONE day, on the 16th June, 2012 (Saturday) from 09 00 to 17 30.

It’s unlikely for a Go player to not know who Shusaku was (especially since Hikaru no Go). Nevertheless, Honinbo Shusaku (本因坊秀, 1829-62) is considered by many to the greatest player of the golden era of Go in the mid-19th century. He was nicknamed Invincible Shusaku because of his perfect score of 19 successive wins in the annual castle games.

Brunei Darussalam Go Association for the first time organizing a tournament honouring a Go hero. Special rule has imposed in this event, which is that the Black player has to play out the “Shusaku Fuseki” whilst the White player may play their own desiring starting. The intention is to encourage the participants to study and research the fuseki beforehand.

*Rules and Setting*


Tournament Rules

Tournament System 3-rounds Mc Mahon*
Tournament Division Single Digit Kyu and Double Digit Kyu
Rules Setting Japanese Rules
Komi 6.5
Size Standard 19×19
Dress Code Smart Formal (No T-Shirt and Jeans)
Time Setting Main-time 1minutes, Byo-yomi period 30 seconds, 10 times.
Prize Giving Certificate for participation

Medals for Top 3 finalists