*Member of IGF*

WAGC General Meeting
WAGC General Meeting
(picture source:http://ranka.intergofed.org/?p=7732)


Today [17th May, 2012], the International Go Federation‘s [IGF] Annual General Meeting during the World Amateur Go Championship in Guangzhou, China has announced that Brunei [Brunei Darussalam Go Association] is officially a member of IGF along with Latvia and Kazakhstan. read more at http://ranka.intergofed.org/?p=7732

It has been more than 6 score-years to reach this goal; countless ordeal to tackle and unforgettable supports from many. However this is just a starting point.

*Restructure the Association*


It is undeniable that the Association requires a new structure to manage the whole organization system. There are also several tasks needed to be done.

Organization Management Team:
Hierarchy repositions (Numbers of President, Secretary and others)
– Categories of members (Executive members, ordinary member and student member)
– Subscription Fees
– Rest of the team (Media Team, Admin Team)

Tasks needed to be done:
– Brunei Darussalam Go Logo
– Official member list update
– Campaign to promote the game
– Recruitment plan
– Training camp
– Financial Plan