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May 2012

Brunei Darussalam Go Associatoin to become member of World Pair Go Association

*World Pair Go Association*

World Pair Go Association
World Pair Go Association


World Pair Go Association has made Pair Go event as official ever since the year 2008 in Beijing, with sole purpose to promote, foster and develop Pair Go throughout the world and as an international title.

Brunei Darussalam Go Association is being requested to apply membership as part of World Pair Go Association right after the approval of International Go Federation.

Great work to everyone!

Brunei Darussalam Go Association, an official member of IGF

*Member of IGF*

WAGC General Meeting
WAGC General Meeting
(picture source:


Today [17th May, 2012], the International Go Federation‘s [IGF] Annual General Meeting during the World Amateur Go Championship in Guangzhou, China has announced that Brunei [Brunei Darussalam Go Association] is officially a member of IGF along with Latvia and Kazakhstan. read more at

It has been more than 6 score-years to reach this goal; countless ordeal to tackle and unforgettable supports from many. However this is just a starting point.

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Brunei Darussalam Go Association go Twitter


BDGA Twitter
BDGA Twitter


Don’t forget to follow Brunei Darussalam Go Association in Twitter at @Brunei_BDGA and Sin Voon (Xinwen) at @xinwengolife!

Baduk TV Streaming

*Baduk TV*

Baduk Tv
Baduk TV


Due to the popularity of, and many others where people could stream their tv live online open to all viewers and observers. Baduk TV has also followed up to the trend at

However, it is not very certain how long it remains free streaming but it is worth for everyone to watch to catch your korean professional player in action!

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