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January 2012


*List of uk tournaments available*

Andrew teaching new-comer
Andrew teaching new-comer


4th Feb, London
18th Feb, Oxford
25th Feb, Nottingham
10th March, Cambridge
July, Milton Keynes
November, East Midlands
November, Coventry

Xinwen and fellow friends from Birmingham are still deciding which tournaments should they participate, surely it would be nice to play in every one of them…

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Annual Report of Brunei Darussalam Go Association

*Annual Report*

Xinwen reviewing a game
Xinwen reviewing a game


The list of proposal for 2012 activities by Brunei Darussalam Go Association can be downloaded here:-

The Annual Go Report for IGF, AGF, Jabatan Sukan dan Belia, Police HQ ROS, Pusat Belia can be found here:-

Another year sails by, stepping to 2012

Training Camp 19th ~ 21st December, 2011
Training Camp 19th ~ 21st December, 2011

[credit : Sung Hui Yee :]


Hey everyone! this is Xinwen again! What can we say? We’re already in the year of 2012.

It was indeed a soaring era for Go in Brunei in the year 2010 to 2011. Sometime the higher you soar in the heaven, the harder you have to flap the wings to bear with the pressure.

Some of the clubs had failed me; some of them barely alive; nevertheless, Brunei Darussalam Go Association had finally established on the 25th May, 2011! It was my first ultimate goal, but it wasn’t the end of my ambition – IT IS JUST THE BEGINNING of a great story to be told.

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