*Pusat Belia*

Pusat Belia, Youth Centre


Pusat Belia or Youth Centre in Brunei has been established for decades in Brunei. General objective is to promote as much healthy activities throughout Brunei.

Nevertheless, the Brunei Darussalam Go Association has proceed to their first task.

Prerequisite Task:-
1) Establishment of Brunei Darussalam Go Association
2) Approached Kementerian Kebudayaan, Sukan dan Belia

Current Progress:-
1) Involvement in Pusat Belia, to grant supports and recognition.


The committee trying out the game of Go
The committee trying out the game of Go


Pusat Belia has conducted a Meeting with the Brunei Darussalam Go Association on the 16th August, 2011 (Tuesday), 9am at the meeting room.

The content was to understand the game of Go and assistance the Association may request.

Conclusion of the meeting:-

1) Pusat Belia has allowed the Association to use the allocated room for Go activity the start of September.
2) Requested the Association to organise workshop and mini-tournament using the Multipurpose Hall in month of September.
3) The Association may request for a permanent Office Room siding in Pusat Belia.
4) Pusat Belia will invite schools, officials, ministry to attend the Workshop helping the Association to promote the Game of Go.

*First Meeting*

Multipurpose Hall
Multipurpose Hall


The Association has asked the members to attend their First Meeting for discussion regarding the latter on the 21st of August, 2011 in Pusat Belia time of 14 00.

Furthermore, the Deputy Director of Pusat Belia request to hold another Meeting with the Association the following day 22nd of Ausgust, 2011 in National Stadium, 9 00.