*One night in KGS*

Chritmas Games
In Brunei's Room


9th of August, 2011: Elementary, Windtalker, Xinwen and Flamehaze had made an incredible chat.

*KGS hottest player*

All the word that is bold is player’s nick from KGS


Elementary:can your dog beat bigbadwolf? in go
Elementary:or twoeye the cat
Windtalker: my dog’s ancestors are wolf… sure big and bad
Windtalker: but my dog is more like a robot, a smart robot
Elementary: so what do you feed him? you hire a italian chef ,milanmilan to cook for him everyday?
xinwen: i need sensemaker [4-dan] to wake you guys up
xinwen: or you prefer Peiling [4-dan] to make this into bloodarena.
Windtalker: but surely we all needs a gotutor
xinwen: fear the NECROMAGE, the meister of TERROR
Elementary: while having a nice breakfast
Windtalker: and watching fly me to Solaris
Elementary: but cornel might find that corny
xinwen: horny**
Elementary: corny
Windtalker: but my dogs will find those elementary
Vivio: and mysterious wil pop out
Vivio: and supertjc wil come out to chase them away
xinwen: even Tartrare will join (dunno how to spell)
Vivio: then a wall fall n AncientGo board rolled out
Elementary: he learn from guojuan
xinwen: liyue taught me one
xinwen: i’m not Prodigious enough to pronounce correctly
Vivio: juz now had rice + potato mix wif baked beans + glass noodles wif egg
Windtalker: eh should be very full
Elementary: maybe thecaptain can give you some rum to help u to sleep well
Vivio: need to gain weight
xinwen: any muffin [7-kyu] in it?
Vivio: papago wil come help navigate ur movements
xinwen: i learn from Windtalker
Elementary: he perfer to play tetris right now.
Elementary: by anychance, ur dog know bigdoug?
xinwen: I want to be GodofGO
Windtalker: my dog’s middle name is doug
Windtalker: but too bad, you are only a mentalist
Elementary: I cant be that in this life time, cause the computer porgramming just too javaness for me to spend time to understand.
Windtalker: that is a superkill, xinwen
Elementary: not as super as supertjc
Windtalker: but surely he is a donkey
Windtalker: by the way, Ele, u asked if my dog is big… well he is about 43 kg hin!
Elementary: you must be some highhand to handle such a dog..
Windtalker: yea… he sure is grande. but still can handle lo
Elementary: what xinwen you wanna bring? we got NeWs
xinwen: i’m just as shy as a ghost (shygost)
Windtalker: we really talking wind
Elementary: not as wind as windtalker.