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June 2011

Introduction to Malaysia Weiqi Association


In conjunction with the first Malaysia Weiqi Association Open [], Philip Cher had made the video “Introduction to Malaysia Weiqi Association”.

Many hardship, but with dedication and determination; setting up a successful Go Association is never just a dream. Managing it surely is the toughest but diligently it shall flourishes.

Malaysia Weiqi had once went to “dark-age” being banned by government for gambling in the clubhouse, wasted for 15years or more until finally they establish again.

Sincerely respect with all hearts.


In memory of the Vice president of PTE Katok (6th generation)


Figure 1 (1-11)
Figure 1 (1-11)

White: TCK x Jason
Black: Amal x Vice President of PTE Katok (6th gen)
Komi: 8
Ing Rule
Round 1


This is the only kifu available in the archive, unfortunately played December, 2010(the first interschool Pairgo) where her partner and she, herself played against TCK and Jason.

Nevertheless, in commemorate such diligent member; we shall appreciate through her game here.

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In the beginning, Nine Concepts

*Elementary Go Series, Volume 1 – “In the beginning*

石博郁郎, Ishi Press.Kiseido, 1973
石博郁郎, Ishi Press.Kiseido, 1973


Elementary Go Series are published by Ishi Press back 70s, comprises of 7 volumes namely: In the Beginning, 38 Basic Joseki, Tesuji, Life and Death, Attack and Defense, The Endgame and Handicap Go.

Here is short preview of the first volume “In the beginning” and one of the essential topic: Nine Concepts.

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