*First Lecture Series compilation*


The Lecture Notes were made dated in 2008, and is refined to “Premium Pack”. Notes are all organized and in default format. In conjunction to celebrate our successful 7th year promoting the game of Go in Brunei; and lastly the establishment of our official Brunei Darussalam Go Association.



Lecture 1: Basic Invasion 1 “3-3 Invasion and Timing”
Lecture 2: Basic Joseki 1 “Pincer at Hoshi”
Lecture 3: Fuseki Theory 1 “Fundamental”
Lecture 4: Basic Yose 1
Lecture 4 – Intermission: Yose Test 1
Lecture 4 – Intermission: Yose Test 1 (Answer)
Lecture 5: Amateur Commentary Game 1 “Fuseki”
Lecture 6: Basic Joseki 2 “Hoshi-Kakari, Pincer”
Lecture 7: Basic Direction of Play 1
Promotional Test 1
Promotional Test 1 (Answer Sheet)

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