*1st Brunei Provisional Rank (result of 1st Brunei League)*


1) Xinwen 3-dan

2) Zhe Fan 2-dan / China 2-dan

3) Sia Kao Xiang 1-dan

4) Li En Ru 1-kyu

5) Tan Chun Khit 3-kyu

6) Sung Hui Yee 4-kyu / China 3-kyu

Victor Wong Chun Kang 4-kyu

7) Jakex 5-kyu

Abeed 5-kyu

8  ) Kyung Tae 7-kyu

9) Afiq 8-kyu

Jin Fuh 8-kyu

10) Lim Chai Hui 9-kyu


Note: This is 1st Provisional Rank given to the participants according to their performances in the 1st Brunei League (December 2010 ~ January 2011) and also based on official rating of Xinwen, Zhe Fan and Hui Yee; lastly the ELO rating system.

All efforts are credited to Philip Cher (Malaysia Ranking Director) and you all for making it possible.