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16h Asian Games
16h Asian Games


The 16th Asian Games will be held in Guang Zhou this November , 2010. For those who is not aware of that Weiqi has became one of the official event together with Chess and Chinese Chess, the Mind Sports Event.

This dream has been anticipating from every nations of Asia ever since the great success of the First World Mind Sports 2008 in Beijing. Every Association ranges from Chess to Intentional Igo Federation were all highly praised for their hardship getting recognition from Olympic Council.

*South East Asia*

South East Asia
South East Asia


Most of the nations in South East Asia are well prepared too, citing from Malaysia Weiqi Association [http://bit.ly/aZDVOU  and http://bit.ly/9J5rNM%5D and forum discussion. While looking at Indonesia, they seems to have selected their team as well.

Unfortunately, not all nations are as lucky as Malaysia or Thailand. Singapore, one of the top nation of all around the world has it worst being rejected from Singapore Olympic Council for not meeting the requirement. Many uproar, media and petition has been continuously done so to appeal the Olympic Council.

Philippines as well might not able to participate“, said Cherisse[KGS] in upset tone. Not even wanted to mention, Brunei Igo Society has no right to competing in Asian Games at their current circumstances [No official Go Association].

*Brunei Darussalam Go Association*

Brunei Igo Society
Brunei Igo Society*


Brunei Igo Society which was set up in 2007, up until now, many were not being aware of it is neither of an official Go Association or recognized by Government. The existence of Brunei Igo Society is purely to create networks of all Go Players of all around Brunei and to assist them by any means.

Recently, Xinwen [who is been back Brunei since late June], has been working on to setting up an official body, the Brunei Darussalam Go Association [ BRUDGA].

The actual commencement of this process was dated back 2008 after the SEA GAMES in 2007 stated the promising statement by Xinwen, “I hereby, promised that Brunei will join the next SEA GAMES!”

The procedures of setting up Go Association are as followed:-
– Constitution of Brunei Darussalam Go Association
– Request application form from Police Headquarters
– A Letter of Proposal in regards setting up the Association
– Committee Members of at least 10[TEN] to sign up the Registration Form
– 2[TWO] passports picture of each Committee Members

Xinwen is approximating the time of completing the Registration and Submission by the end of August. The estimated time to get recognised by Government will be the end of this year.

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