*2nd Brunei – AGHS Friendship Cup 2010*

Guild Wars
Guild Wars


Once again, the annual Brunei – AGHS Friendship Cup 2010 will be held in KGS from the 2nd July, 3rd July and 4th July of 2010.

*History of the Event*

American Go Honor Society
American Go Honor Society


[quoted from http://aghs.cc/tournaments/bruneicup/brunei.html]

In 2004, Chin Sin Voon of Brunei and Christopher Vu from the United States met at the inaugural Iwamoto Amateur Online Championships, held by the Chilean Go Association. Competing in the same division, they faced each other in the eight and final round to determine who would win a medal and who would have to wait another year.. The end result? A friendship that would spur their respective national go clubs to join forces.

Five years later, to celebrate their friendship, the American Go Honor Society and the Burnei I-Go Society established the “Brunei Friendship Cup” in remembrance of all that the two founders went through to establish their respective clubs.

The United States squeaked out a narrow victory in the 1st edition.
Now Southeast Asia wants REVENGE. CHARGE!!!!

*Tournament Outline*

Tournament Name: The 2nd Brunei -AGHS Friendship Cup 2010
Date: 2nd July, 3rd July and 4th July 2010
Round One (July 3rd): 09 00 (GMT+8)
Round Two (July 3rd): 17 00 (GMT+8)
Round Three (July 4th): 09 00 (GMT+8)
System: Team Round-Robin
Rules: Japanese, Nigiri
Komi: 7.5
Time Setting: 45 minutes main time- 5 period of 30 seconds

Tournament Directors

United States Qualifying Event: Ashley Wilson and David Vu 2-dan LS
Southeast Asia Qualifying Event: Chin Sin Voon 3-dan LS
Main Tournament: Christopher Vu 5-dan LS and Chin 3-dan LS

*Expected Team*

Brunei Team
1) Mah Zhe Fan (elementary) 1-dan
2) Muien (MuieN) 1-kyu
3) Lim Shi Hong (sc1003bro) 2-kyu
4) Sia Kao Xiang (hiuhiu) 2-kyu
5) Zidah (muffin) 9-kyu
6) Tan Peng Hui (inybuad) 4-kyu – sub

Malaysia Team
1) Philip Cher (Flamehaze) 2-dan
2) Chin Sin Voon (Xinwen) 2-dan
3) Suzzane D’bel (skhao) 3-dan
4) Lim Shu Wen (shuwen) 1-kyu
5) Lee YK (DarkYK) 12-kyu
6) Alex Chan Hong Guan  (Violet) 3-dan

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