*Annual Meeting and Preparation*

Annual Meeting
Annual Meeting


The meeting was held in the gym hall, PTE Katok sharp 13 30. Download minutes of the meeting here.

Pairings were made on the spot, for the first round:-

Table 1:- Li Zhen Ru – Matt Yoon
Table 2:- Javian Tay – Wingz Ling
Table 3:- Aqmar – Haidar
Table 4:- Li En Ru – Tang Chun Khit
Table 5:- Afiq – Tan Peng Hui
Table 6:- Sia Kao Xiang – Abeed
Table 7:- Goh Jien Hann – Victor Wong
Table 8:- Pooh Doong – Zidah
Table 9:- Amirah – Lim Shi Hong
Table 10:- Fikri – Mah Zhe Fan
Table 11:- Zhi Ping – Hairol

*Xinwen’s Go books*

Go Books Exhibition
Go Books Exhibition


Other than just having the tournament, Xinwen exhibited his go books, to allow players to borrow and photocopy any of the desired go book.