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December 2009

Walking to the year 2010

*looking back the year of 2009*

Staring at the photo
Staring at the photo


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*Visual Report 2008 – 2009*


Brunei Igo Society Visual Report 2008~2009 has finally uploaded in youtube! Doing Visual report has became a custom ever since 2007.

The purpose of doing visual report; firstly to show the achievement and activities been done by the society, then to show appreciation to all members and go enthusiasts.


The 1st Interschool Weiqi Tournament

The Full result

Proposal of mid-term activities 2010

The 1st PTE Go Club tournamnet

The 2nd Mid-term Team Go Tournament

The 4th Nanning SEA International Tournamnet 2009 [not done]

The 4th Korea Prime Minister Baduk Championship 2009 [not done]

Last day of the 1st Interschool Go Tournament

*The 5th, final round*

Atmosphere of final round


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2nd day of the 1st Interschool Go Tournament

*hot game*

Round 3 (morning)
Round 3 (morning)

[Photo credit: Syiqin]


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First day of the 1st Interschool Go Tournament

*intense atmosphere*

During the tournament
During the tournament


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*Annual Meeting and Preparation*

Annual Meeting
Annual Meeting


The meeting was held in the gym hall, PTE Katok sharp 13 30. Download minutes of the meeting here.

Pairings were made on the spot, for the first round:-

Table 1:- Li Zhen Ru – Matt Yoon
Table 2:- Javian Tay – Wingz Ling
Table 3:- Aqmar – Haidar
Table 4:- Li En Ru – Tang Chun Khit
Table 5:- Afiq – Tan Peng Hui
Table 6:- Sia Kao Xiang – Abeed
Table 7:- Goh Jien Hann – Victor Wong
Table 8:- Pooh Doong – Zidah
Table 9:- Amirah – Lim Shi Hong
Table 10:- Fikri – Mah Zhe Fan
Table 11:- Zhi Ping – Hairol

*Xinwen’s Go books*

Go Books Exhibition
Go Books Exhibition


Other than just having the tournament, Xinwen exhibited his go books, to allow players to borrow and photocopy any of the desired go book.

Games of Honinbo


March 14th, 1840安田栄斎v. 伊藤 松次郎



Friend of Xinwen, Alex Chan, had lately started a Weiqi Blog to commemorate the Past 本因坊, by sharing all their 棋譜 at Please do pay a visit!

1st Inter-School Brunei Igo Tournament



The first inter-school Brunei Igo Tournament will be held on the 8th of December ~ 10th of December. This is also the first time invited honorary guest from Malaysia Weiqi Association, Mr. Ho Hock Doong be coming as Chief Judge for the Final Round.

Tournament Outline

Venue: Gym Hall, PTE Katok
Date: 8th of December, 9th of December and 10th of December, 2009
Time: 09 30 ~ 16 30

Tournament Rules

System: SWISS System (7 Rounds)
Rules: Chinese, Nigiri
Komi: 7.5

The tournament will be expecting 24 participants from all over the region of Brunei especially the SMSO go club from Tutong. Prizes will be given accordingly to the top scorers (cash, trophies, medals)

Further information of the event, please download here.

*Annual General Meeting*

Reminder to all Committee members, Executive members of Brunei Igo Society, that the Annual General Meeting will be held on the 7th of December, 2009 (Monday) at Gym Hall PTE Katok.

Committee members must stay back for preparation of the event for following days (arranging chairs, go sets, positioning).

Agenda for the meeting can be downloaded here.

Meeting Minutes to be printed out for discussion here.

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