*Intense Moment*


The day finally came (12th July, 2009), all players were well prepared to fight their best to be selected to go either the 3rd Asian Amateur Baduk Championship or the Nanning, Guangxi Tournament.

download the invitation/information regarding the latter tournament:-
1) 3rd Asian Amateur Baduk Championship
2) Nanning, Guangxi Tournament

Selection outline:
Venue: Multipurpose Hall, CHMS Alumni Association, Gadong
Time: 14 00 ~ 19 00
System: Ladder Elimination + Loser Bracket
Rules: Japanese, Nigiri
Komi: 6.5
Time: Unlimited

The top 2 finalists of the main ladder will be decided to represent Brunei to participate in the 3rd Asian Amateur Baduk Championship 2009 in September 18th ~ 22nd.

The 2nd and 3rd Runner-ups will be having the opportunity to decide in participating the Asian Nanning Tournament which will be held in September 23rd ~ 27th.

*Nightmare of half-moku*

Tan Peng Hui (Black) - Chan Chung Sun (White)
Tan Peng Hui (Black) - Chan Chung Sun (White)

[download the selection kifu here]


Black who was leading started to make yose mistake at move “1” and another mistake at “6” which narrowed the gap of the points, then later black “11” was a deciding move to win however, Black missed the golden opportunity at throw-in “A” which however in the end lost by 0.5 against the white.

Team List (Brunei)

3rd Asian Amateur Baduk Championship
Official: CHIN Sin Voon 2-dan
Single Male: MAH Zhe Fan 1-dan
Single Female: SUNG Hui Yee 6-kyu
Pairgo: CHAN Chung Sun -7kyu and HAM Si Xiang 9-kyu

Asian Nanning, Guangxi Weiqi Tournament
Player 1:
TAN Peng Hui 5-kyu
Player 2: ANG Ho Soon 7-kyu