*Training at Penghui’s house*

Ho Soon vs Penghui
Ho Soon vs Penghui


In order to push up the level of those interested going to the 3rd Asian Amateur Baduk Championship in September, there is no break every nights.

Currently the confirmation of the dispatching team is still uncertain for representing Brunei:-

Mah Zhe Fan (Male)
Ang Ho Soon (Male)
Tan Peng Hui (Male)

Tan Chiaw Yee (Female)
Sung Hui Yee (Female)
Ham Si Xiang (Female)
Aqmar (Female)
Sharen (Female)


Tan Peng Hui (1st gen), he is the longest follower or member ever since the first establishment of the Go Club in Maktab Duli. He is currently graded 4-kyu by Xinwen in Brunei.

Peng Hui achievement:-
– 3rd place in the Brunei PairGo Tournament 2006 (December)
– Participated the 2nd Asian Amateur Baduk Championship 2008 (May)
– Participated in the BMW Nanning SEA Weiqi Tournament 2008 (September)

Ang Ho Soon (3rd-gen), Despite not earning any high achievement so far in Brunei Tournament but he is considerably one of the potential of 3rd-gen members par with Hui Yee, Chiaw Yee and Chung Sun. He is still currently graded as 7-kyu (Xinwen’s grading) in Brunei.

Ho Soon Achievement:-
– 2nd place in Brunei Team Tournament 2008 (June) :Same team as Hui Yee and Chung Sun