*Mid-Term Go Activities (Brunei)*



The Igo Society of Brunei has once again graciously contented to announce their mid-term activities and to be expected to commence on the 1st of June to the 28th of June. Everyone is invited to participate and support in the activities.

Ever since the establishment of the Igo Society in 2006, it has been intensely showing improvement and achievement despite not setting up a Go Association yet. Remarkably:-

The vision of the Society is to encourage unity and integration amongst racial group.

The objective is to promote the ancient game of Go.

The goal is to have Brunei acknowledging the existence of Go and to set up Go Association.

The code is no racism and no prejudice


Mid-Term Activities Schedule and Expectation

Events Date
2nd Singapore Weiqi Tournament 1st of June, 2009
1st PTEK Go Club Tournament 10th of June – 11th of June, 2009
Intensive Training Camp Every weekend
Mid-Term Go Society Meeting 21st of June, 2009
1st American Go Honor Society – Brunei KGS Friendly Tournament 20th of June – 21st of June, 2009
Verbally Go Presentation Competition 22nd of June, 2009
2nd Mid-Term Team Go Tournament 23rd of June – 26th of June, 2009


For more information, please download the draft here. The Final will be confirmed by the end of this month.