*Hockdoong’s first lecture!*

Hock Doong
Hock Doong
Hock Doong giving lecture
Hock Doong giving lecture

Malaysia Weiqi Association had been going through a long degree of discussion to create a Go class so called “beginner class” for years during their Annual General Meeting.  Hock Doong having the qualification been appointed to take the responsibility to create syallabus and to become the teacher!

On the 11th of April, there were quite number of participants attended in the lecture:- Azam, Ah Teik, Shino, Seng Chea, Fazy and Xinwen had volunteered to record the lecture outline given by Hock Doong. Exercises (Introductory problems level one) had been given to the participants.

Lecture Outline:-
1 ) Introduction to the game of Igo
2 ) Tips of playing go
3 ) Disciplinary in playing the game
– way of grabbing and putting stone
– greeting before and after the game
4 ) Expectation in the game of Go
– different kind of boards (9×9, 13×13, 19×19)
– stones and bowls
– way of sitting
5 ) Objectives of the game
– territory
– how does the game end (resignation, times out)
6 ) Theory of Fuseki (corner – side – center)
– Shimari’s reasoning
– Comparison between the corner, side and center
7 ) Fundamental of Capturing stone
– liberties
– ladder
8 ) Rules of Go
– Illegal suicidal move
– Ko Rule
9 ) Hikaru no go
10 ) two-eyes (life and death)

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Material regarding the Level one: Introductory Problems can be downloaded here.


Corner-side vs Center
Corner-side vs Center
This pattern was shown during the lecture and was asked whether the black or the white has more territory.
At first glance, Xinwen thought it would be white, but the answer was surprisingly black! and black has 15 more points over the White!