*Malaysia Go Association 1st League*

1st Result
1st Result


The MWA had launched their first league on the 7th of February, 2009 ~ 2nd of May, 2009, with 15 active members of the association.

Currently (14th of February) – the latest, Mr. Chuang, heard to be 85 years old, is holding the title “BEYOND GODLIKE” already owned 8 players. As for Xinwen, he had player 5 games so far with 3-Wins and 2-Losses.

For 3 years, Xinwen had not played with Suzzane D’bel, 3-dan; knewing the path would cross again they met during the league. Xinwen played with defending White while Suzzane started with “Shin Fuseki” of black. Surprisingly the result was not beyond expectation that Xinwen won by 1.5 points (Komi 6.5).

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