*1st KGS SEA – AHGS friendly team tournament*

American Go honor Society
American Go honor Society


Xinwen and 武皇龙 aka. Nemoneko(KGS) had decided to host a friendly tournament between go players from Brunei Room and from American Go Honor Society.

Tournament Name: The 1st KGS Brunei – AGHS New Year Friendship Cup
Date: 30th of January
Time: 10 00 (GMT+8 )
System: Knockout
Rules: Japanese, Nigiri
Time Setting: 30 minutes/ 30 seconds / 3 periods
Prizes: medals of participation and review game from an Insei

*Brunei Participants list*

Expected list

1) sc1003bro (4-kyu)
2) Yafuzz04 (4-kyu)
3) AhKiD5 (7-kyu)
4) DotAzam (15-kyu)
5) kibou (16-kyu)

Yet to confirm
1) Maybe5k (5-kyu)
2) Chiawyee (10-kyu)