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January 2009

Chinese New Year’s Wish

*New Year’s Wish*


New year is definitely a compulsory events for all Chinese, especially when you’re in Malaysia. Fireworks in the sky, crackers blasting on the ground, etc, will be witnessed throughout the countries.

On the night of the eve, Xinwen’s family got the chance to light up the 孔明灯 “Wishing Latern” which one was permitted to write a wish for New Year and fire it up like an air balloon to allow it to float into the air, the higher it goes the chances of wish comes true will be high.

Again! getting 5-dan as New Year Wish!

Saturday’s gathering

*Selection in Japan Club*

Boonping - Xinwen
Boonping - Xinwen

17th of January, 2009. Considered quite an interesting Weiqi day for Xinwen, that it was the first time for Xinwen to be participated in Malaysia Weiqi Selection for the upcoming event “World Amateur Go Championship” in Japan.

Having the opportunity, Xinwen challenged Boon Ping 5-dan, the strongest malaysia player, for the first time in life. With best shot yet softly played, Xinwen was not competent enough for Boon Ping at current level.

Later 2 rounds, Xinwen did not perform well and lost to Philip Cher and Hock Doong. Anyway, it was pretty good experience for Xinwen to join a small selection or competition in his Go Life.

“… Pretty much lacking of Experience, hmm…”

*1st Game – Xinwen – Boon Ping

Xinwen - Boon Ping
Xinwen - BoonPing

*52 at 44, 55 at 1


Started off using Kobayashi Fuseki variants, then the followed up in the Fuseki pretty much decided until the Ko started at move “51”, which said that the game had already been decided.

According to Supertjc, due to the wrong sequence in joseki that 21 should be at “A” instead because of the cutting beside “11”. Then, Black “71” jumped was considered bad, probably better at “72”.

Defending the invasion on the top right, Black “43” tiger protection should be better just at “58”…

Advice given by Supertjc, “continue to practice life and death ba…”


*Dinner Gathering*

Steamboat Gathering
Steamboat Gathering


During the night, it as another awesome moment to be able for Xinwen to spend his dinner with his go friends of Malaysia Weiqi Association. Also a moment, that Xinwen had finally became an official member of Malaysia Weiqi Association

“…i think i’m better off to be with Go friends, Go truely part of my life…”

*Night Gathering*

Triple Go
Triple Go

*80 at 19

Most of the time after Japan Club meeting, and if fortunate, Dennis will bring Xinwen to Hock Doong’s house for night gathering. This time, a guest of honor Yu Wen followed as well.

During that night before their usual Poker night, they had a Triple Go (3 vs 3) on one board which basically the same like rengo. The Black team is Philip Cher [2-dan], Dennis [6-kyu], Mr.Tiong [4-dan] vs HockDoong [1-dan], Yu Wen[2-kyu], Alex [3-dan].

Xinwen had also took this opportunity to make this game live broadcasted in KGS!

download the game here.

Foo Yu Wen
Foo Yu Wen

Never have much opportunity to introduce Xinwen’s first Go student, Foo Yu Wen!

Foo Yu Wen had been called Hikari as nick name after she had registered it as her first KGS nick. Xinwen and Foo Yu Wen first met back then in 2005 online, when Xinwen had started Go for few months at level of 15kyu. Somehow Foo Yu Wen had happened to watch the anime Hikaru no Go making her putting in so much effort to walk into the world of Black-White.

As for meeting Yu Wen first in reality noted back in December of 2007  in Thailand for the 24th SEA GAMES (Go Demonstration). Xinwen felt so much touched to see Yu Wen to be part of a team of Malaysia representing and play the game of Go while Xinwen had to sit back, and watch as an observer or just guest.

This time, Yu Wen had happened to enroll in the Foundation course of Business in Taylor’s College! Hence, the chance of meeting between them should be certainly high until the Lakeside Campus of Taylor’s College official open.


“… ya, i was kinda happy and feel sad back then in SEA GAMES, when everyone had their first time in life representing their own country whilst i just sit back and watch as an observer…”

“… really hope that one day i might be able to represent my own country as well and also if i’m as competent as other nations… till then…”

The 1st KGS South East Asian – American Go Honor Society New Year Friendship Cup

*1st KGS SEA – AHGS friendly team tournament*

American Go honor Society
American Go honor Society


Xinwen and 武皇龙 aka. Nemoneko(KGS) had decided to host a friendly tournament between go players from Brunei Room and from American Go Honor Society.

Tournament Name: The 1st KGS Brunei – AGHS New Year Friendship Cup
Date: 30th of January
Time: 10 00 (GMT+8 )
System: Knockout
Rules: Japanese, Nigiri
Time Setting: 30 minutes/ 30 seconds / 3 periods
Prizes: medals of participation and review game from an Insei

*Brunei Participants list*

Expected list

1) sc1003bro (4-kyu)
2) Yafuzz04 (4-kyu)
3) AhKiD5 (7-kyu)
4) DotAzam (15-kyu)
5) kibou (16-kyu)

Yet to confirm
1) Maybe5k (5-kyu)
2) Chiawyee (10-kyu)

KBC(King’s Baduk Training Center)

*an Invitation*

Brain Development project
Brain Development project


On behalf of King’s Field Co. Ltd, there’s a special Baduk educational course

King’s Field Co. Ltd, the sponsor of the 1st Asia Amateur Baduk Championship in Jeonju, Korea, has founded KBC(Kings International Baduk Training Center) for globalization of Baduk, and attract foreign scholarship students and general students. The scholarship system is for talented Baduk players, it aims to teach 10 students selected(a student from each 10 countries) for 5 years for free to be professional Baduk players to spread Baduk in the world.

Before the scholarship system starts, KBC has prepared a special event for 3 months(from March 2 to May 31).

Please find attached notice and for more information, please visit the website(

Welcome e-mails to or for any questions.

Book check

*2nd of January, 2008 Book checklist*

Xinwen's Weiqi Books
Xinwen's Weiqi Books


Chinese Weiqi Book
01 ) 围棋培训系列教材 – 布局基础
02 ) 百年围棋经典名局
03 ) 围棋战法
04 ) 跟吴清源大师学围棋
05 ) 治孤的骨髓
06 ) 阶梯围棋精选题库 3段~6段 1
07 ) 阶梯围棋精选题库 3段~6段 2
08 ) 李昌镐经典名局
09 ) 围棋博杀妙手绝招
10 ) 围棋经典名局精解
11 ) 永安围棋教室 - 一段须知
12 ) 棋艺 7月 2008年 上
13 ) 棋艺 8月 2008年 上
14 ) 围棋天地 2008年 volume 15
15 ) 围棋天地 2008年 volume 16
16 ) 韩国流解密 1
17 ) 韩国流解密 2
18 ) 围棋 1988 volume 10, 11, 12
19 ) 围棋 1989 volume  1, 2, 3, 4,5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12

Korean Weiqi Book
01 ) ??? 바둑 ?? 2
02 ) 바둑 Lesson ABC
03 ) 2006 10月刊 바둑세계 Baduk World
04 ) 2004 10月刊 바둑세계 Baduk World
05 ) 2008 5月刊 바둑세계 Baduk World
06 ) ???  바둑?? ????  ???? Volume 1    x2
07 ) ???  바둑?? ????  ???? Volume 2    x1
08 ) ???  바둑?? ????  ???? Volume 3    x3
09 ) ???  바둑?? ????  ???? Volume 4    x2
10 ) ???  바둑?? ????  ???? Volume 5    x2
11 ) ???  바둑?? ????  ???? Volume 6    x2
12 ) 바둑?? (pink)    x2
13 ) 바둑?? (green)  x2

English Weiqi Book
01 ) Go World Summer 1990 No.60
02 ) Go World May-June 1977 No.1
03 ) Go World July-August 1977 No.2
04 ) Go World Sept-Oct 1977 No.3
05 ) Go World Nov-Dec 1977 No.4
06 ) Go World Mar-Apr 1978 No.6
07 ) Dictionary of Basic Joseki Vol 2
08 )
Dictionary of Basic Joseki Vol 2
09 )
Speed Baduk Train like a Pro 1
10 )
Speed Baduk Train like a Pro 2
11 )
Speed Baduk Train like a Pro Answer Booklet
12) Think like a Pro PAE
13 ) Think like a Pro PAE
14 ) Think like a Pro Haengma
15 ) Contemporary Go Terms
16 ) Baduk, Made Fun and Easy 2
17 ) Baduk, Made Fun and Easy 3
18 ) Jungsuk in Our Time [Somok (3-4 point)]
19 ) Ishigure In the Beginning
20 ) The theory and Practice of Go
21 ) Korean Style of Baduk 1
22 ) 100 tips for Amateur Player 1
23 ) The 3-3 Point Moden Opening Strategy
24 ) Level up 1     x 1
25 ) Level up R1   x 3
26 ) Level up 2     x 3
27 ) Level up 3     x 2
28 ) Level up 4     x 3
29 ) Level up 5     x 3
30 ) Speed baduk for beginners volume 1
31 ) Speed baduk for beginners volume 2
32 ) Speed baduk for beginners volume 3
33 ) The Direction of play

Japanese Weiqi Book
01 ) 棋道 : 3
02 ) 囲碁関西 2005 No.6
03 )月刊 碁ワルード 9月
04 )月刊 碁ワルード 10月
05 )月刊 碁ワルード  11月
06 )月刊 碁ワルード  12月


Italics – Missing in Action/Lended

Looking back at 2008 and the resolution of 2009

*Author’s words”



Hello! This is the very first time I, Xinwen, would personally voice out instead of a 3rd person view. The year 2008, indeed was a fulfilling year first time in my life, a dream which gradually turned into a reality, a great story to proclaim.

Hence, the reader may know what had i achieved and where had i been to in this 2008 just for the sake of Go.

*Toyota-Denso World Go Oza Singapore Qualifying match*

Haidar in Oza Singapore
Haidar in Oza Singapore (March)


Firstly, march of 2008, was the first time the Igo Society of Brunei got invited from Singapore Weiqi Association; with great honour, Haidar Mu’ien (1-kyu) represented Brunei and participated in the Toyota-Denso World Go Oza Qualifying in Singapore.

I went there as an official along with an assistant, Hazim (5-kyu). Moreover, thanks to Hazim’s cousin – Aiman who let us stay at his place at orchard.

*2nd Asian Amateur Baduk Championship*

2nd Asian Amateur Baduk Championship (May)
2nd Asian Amateur Baduk Championship (May)

The greatest moment of mine was to allow the Igo Society of Brunei to dispatch a team of 4 players:- Tan Peng Hui (5-kyu) and Lydia (9-kyu) played in the individual, while Hazim and Queenie (9-kyu) participated in the pairgo.

I was pleased and delighted enough to bring a team to participate, as I had failed to let Brunei participate in the 24th SEA GAMES, Go (Demonstration) in Thailand 2007.

Frankly speaking, It was quite embarrassing to bring such a weak teams. Its not like i had never warned them about preparing for the tournament, the fact was i had told them in 6 months advanced to train their go!

The next Asian Amateur Baduk Championship will be held in September 2009, which is still uncertain.

*4th Brunei Amateur Tournament – Team (June)*

The 2nd CHMS Alumni Association Weiqi Tournament
The 2nd CHMS Alumni Association Weiqi Tournament

Immediately after returning to Brunei for a long Semester Break, I organized a mid-term tournament for the new members and the senior members, that was the 2nd CHMS Alumni Association Weiqi Tournament.

This was also the first time that we had 27 participants joining the tournament, and a team of 4 players, also the first great local achievement from my Society.

*1st Taiwan CMC Top 10 Go Championship*

Taiwan Top 10 CMC go Championship
Taiwan Top 10 CMC go Championship

Right after the June Tournament in Brunei, i went to Taiwan for their first Asia International Tournament. It was also the first time i saw from the participants list that the weakest player was 2-dan (me and Jimmy CKY from Malaysia). I knew this tournament is very tough because Taiwan had made 21 Taiwanese inseis to participate in this competition.

The funny thing thing was that the Taiwan Official made a bet with the Korea Official whether the 3 top Korean players would managed to win throughout the whole competition without any losses. Haa- in the end the Korean owned all of them with streak win.

*3rd Korea Prime Minister Cup*

3rd Korea Prime Minister Cup (November)
3rd Korea Prime Minister Cup (November)

Finally, one year after the previous Korea Prime Minister Cup, I thought about finally getting a change to avenge my performance, hoping to get a better result this time.

The weather was cooler, and much fun with Jayden and Sharen. And i got 46th/68th which was considered not bad.

Also, i have created a Visual Annual Report of the society, which i have already uploaded in Youtube. I think it is really fun to create a visual report like that to be uploaded in youtube.

*Brunei Annual PairGo Tournament*

5th Brunei Amateur Go Tournament (December)
5th Brunei Amateur Go Tournament (December)

Annually, I have introduced in making a Pair Go tournament in December in which i believe it is a good practice for Brunei go players to improve their tacit knowledge and also helps to guide the weaker partner to a correct play.

[picture of group photo]
[picture of the banner]

Also our Annual Igo Society group photo with the Banner in which members are allowed to sign on it.


I’ve been on this path in the go world for more than 4 years, i guess there is no turning back for me at all. Firstly, I once take this game as a hobby until my ambition came arise when i have happened to see group of people representing Brunei, wearing one uniform…

The year of 2008 indeed a fulfilling year for me, and maybe for my friends as well. I do not have any much resolution for the year 2009 for Go. If there’s any i guess it would be that i wish for more go players, reviving Maktab Duli Go Club, make sure the existing players get stronger and be ready for any International Tournament.

As for myself, i hope to improve in my Go skill and reaching 5dan in 2010, which i think is not an easy task!

When sometime i think about academic as career and go as dream, i know go is definitely outweight in the interest of studying. I think its really tough to be the leader and there is no reliable assistant. Sometime i really get pissed with the members of being reluctant, and giving up a task so easily, “never know when you didn’t try!”.

Anyway, Happy new year for all of the go players out there!

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