Christmas in Singapore

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*Stays in Singapore*

Singapore Ladies Go Tournament
Singapore Ladies Go Tournament


Xinwen had went to Singapore on the 20th of December to the 26th of December to celebrate Christmas. On the 21st of December,  there was Ladies Tournament held in the Singapore Weiqi Association, Bugis.

The tournament was made categorized into A B C D, differs by ages, open and/or year. Kai Wen, and other potential champion  female players did not participate for the tournament. In the end, Karen got champion in the A group which is open.

for more information please visit Daniel’s blog.

*picture during the day*

Shuwei (credit to Daniel)
Children Group
Children Group


Shuwei, heard to be the youngest dan player in Singapore at the age 8 [primary 2], and she’s the champion of the Group B. The tournament rule was set Chinese, Nigiri and 45 Minutes Absolute in Group A and B and 20 Minutes Absolute in Group C and D.

Zhi Hsiong [Czh], Yang Laoshi and Kahn Laoshi, etc. were appointed as the staff and judges for the tournament.



*Christmas Wishes*

Christmas Wish
Christmas Wish

There were activities held in Esplanade such as concert and happened so that Xinwen managed to get to write Christmas wishes again on a white balloon inside  the Esplanade and a paper card given free outside.

During the year 2006, Xinwen visited Singapore with Hazim, Haidar, Hazman and they were managed to get the same activities in Esplanade:- writing Christmas wishes, etc.

“Hoping to establish an official Go Association”
“Wishing in the sucess of Brunei Igo Society”
~ written roughly about in 2006. with Logo of Brunei Igo Society Drawn on it.

“Sucess in Brunei Igo Society”
“Achieving 5 dan in 2010”
~ written during 2008.

Outisde as well, wrote the same wishing to be sucess in the society and go.

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