*Annual Report of Brunei Igo Society ’07 ~ ’08

Today, Xinwen had happened to upload the second video he made which entitled, “Annual Report of Brunei Igo Society ’07 ~ ’08” in Youtube.

The motive is to gain acknowledgement from the public and recognition from the people the existence of Igo Society of Brunei.

Despite knowing that using the name “Brunei” is somehow not allowed in the country, but the society has clearly stated themselves as an community of Igo enthusiasts, and promoting a healthy game of Igo.


*Introduction of Brunei Igo Society


This was the first video uploaded in Youtube last year, 2007 entitled “Introduction of Brunei Igo Society“. Many things had happened and change (i.e. closing of the website http://bruneigo.tk – due to the law enforcement that it is not correct to do so -)

Hereby, Xinwen had decided to make Visual Report every year to show his appreciation, joy, pride about his society to the world!