*Best friend in Baduk*

Handy and Xinwen
Handy and Xinwen


That fateful day in September of 2007, Xinwen had destined to meet “him” in the 3rd Nanning SEA International Tournament. Happened so that Handy was a very young president of Indonesia Go Association! Xinwen got to tackle this fellow, Handy.

Nevertheless, Handy had became a very good friend of Xinwen. They shared laughters, words of widom despite meeting each other only in International Baduk Event – Xinwen and Handy were truthfully a very good brother to each other, and good god sons of Mrs. Vanthanee (not-to-foget).

“…I strongly believe that Go creates a destiny that we would eventually meet again…”
By Handy in the 2nd Korea Prime Minister Cup in closing ceremonial speech

“…I sincerely trusted that every go player would keep the spirit within them…thus, please not forget about this spirit and may us make it an everlasting burn!…”
– By Handy in the 3rd Korea Prime Minister Cup in closing ceremonial speech

Even promised to Emily that Xinwen have to invite Handy to Brunei by the end of this year 2008 (December). Moreover, Haidar and Xinwen had also made a prophecy that 100 of girls would join and learn Go if Handy visits Brunei.