*Baduk Workshop and AGF Meeting*

Conclude Baduk Workshop
Conclude Baduk Workshop


Jayden Sia had finally ended his baduk works, he seemed to like it. Then, Sharen had attended the Asian Go Federation Meeting with an open discussion regarding the Go Affairs all around the Asia.

Mrs.Vanthanee had presented the History of Thailand Go Association in the General Meeting, one would finally understood how hard the Thai-Go had went through for many years.



Xinwen had suceeded in winning the first game in the morning against Aliaksandr CHAKUR Belarus by forcing resignation. Unfortunately, Xinwen met Tan Jia Cheng in the afternoon – well kind of shido-go that Xinwen had learned much.

Sadly in the 5th round, Xinwen played carelessly against Janez JANZA Slovenia pressuring by the Byo Yomi counting; Xinwen made a living group of himself to dead.

“I’m very upset not because i lost, its because the game did not reach the ending!”


Thus, the result is 2 WIN 3 LOSE; by aiming for a total 4-win, Xinwen became bit pressured with only 3 rounds to decide the final result the next day.

Can he achieve 4-win which would break his last year’s record!? or he failed ending up quitting go!?

Previous Record
Nanning, Guangxi Asian Tournament – 2 WIN 5 LOSE
the 2nd KPMC, Korea – 3 WIN 5 LOSE
the 1st Taiwan CMC – 0 WIN 8 LOSE

Winning Rate – 21% (2007 – 2008)