Pattern appeared in Zidah's Game
Pattern appeared in Zidah's game


Zidah (Female Leader@MD Go Club 2008)

Zidah, currently the female leader of Maktab Duli Go Society 2008 -2009, of 第四代 (4th-gen) of Igo Society (Brunei).

Zidah who has also been promoted to Brunei Ranking 10-kyu last few months (September) through the Promotional Written Test. Thus, this has made her the first to achieve Brunei Ranking 10-kyu amongst all the 第四代 from Maktab Duli.

Zidah had also participated in the 2nd CHMS Alumni Association Go Tournament (Team-Go) in June, 2008.

The above pattern happens to appear in Zidah’s game few days ago. Without whole board consideration and judgment, something needs to be pointed out today in the form of “Theoretically form”.


Pattern in a theoritical form
Pattern in a theoretical form

Theoretical Thinking

Preferably Black should play at “1” forcing White to hane at “2” then Black exchange at “3”. Now looking at the situation, “A” is considered as a developing group (no-eye).

Thus, Black 3 is consider a good move, it helps to destroy the potential developing of the group “A”.

In case of any worse scenario, Black can connects at “c” or live at “a”.

Hence, this may concludes that White does not have any good move to play viewing from whole board consideration.


Zidah's Game
Zidah's Game

you may download the game here.

Commented by Amateur 2-Dan Xinwen