*Xinwen vs a 2k yesterday*

Xinwen (Black) Vs 2kyu(White)

Download the game here

The Opponent resigned at move 147 after he confirmed his group is dead on the top. Even without annihilating the group at the top, Black still have the destroying move somewhere at “A”.


Theoretically Thinking

2Kyu Chuban
Xinwen(Black) vs 2Kyu(White) Chuban

The game had posed that Xinwen was playing Moyo + Thickness kind of game versus a territorial oriented game.

White desperately played at tengen hoping to destroy the moyo, thus Black exchanged with “2” and “6”, ended up with “12” – obviously setting up thickness to fight the tengen. Eventually White ended up with 3 groups.

Conclusion is that, White should have played calmly instead of deploying a new group without having consideration of connecting to the other group. (Calmly as in “1” may be played at “2” instead.)

Commented by Amateur 2-Dan Xinwen