*Igo World of Xinwen – Part 2*

First Game in KGS
First Game in KGS Xinwen(White) vs Unknown(Black)

*Move 150 at 141*
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” I eventually started to teach and promote Go to my friend… and Yu Wen

The diagram shows the very first 19×19 game by Xinwen(White) and an unknown Japanese player(Black), and got OWNAGE! Never have thought Xinwen was hyperactive back then…

Highlighted Conversation from the game:-

Move 175
voonboy [?]: sucker

Move 186 ~ 189
voonboy [?]: finish me faster
voonboy [?]: dun waste my time
voonboy [?]: kill me
voonboy [?]: shiit

Move 201, 208
voonboy [?]: sushi sushi??
voonboy [?]: reply sucker

Move 242
voonboy [?]: u vote for BOA or Ayumi???

… Then following conversation were f3 replying “dead” and voonboy shouted “live! live!”

… Hence that concluded the first 19×19 game of Xinwen


” i started teaching Hikari at 20kyu… someone mocked me teaching at that level.”