* Game against a 3k *

xinwen vs 3k
xinwen(White) vs 3k(Black)

Download the game here

Tonight Xinwen managed to play a game in KGS against a rather weak 3-kyus. Xinwen won by resignation in moves 80th, guess the opponent gave up in saving the group or trying to fight with the influence he had at the bottom.

This is Xinwen’s first Kifu post try out!

Theoretically Thinking

Xinwen vs 3k fuseki
Xinwen vs 3k fuseki

He reveled he is a weak 3kyu when he played the move “1”, theoretically saying Black “1, 3” helped White too much by building 4th line territory at replied “2, 4”. This also helped to eliminate any aji (potential) play or invasion to my corner white.

Furthermore, theory saying Black has 2 groups “B” and “C” while i have “A”. Basically saying that Xinwen does not have much to worry, and would rather have Black to attack my “A” group in order to make it strong and to gain strength.

Commented by Amateur 2-Dan Xinwen