*Igo World of Xinwen – Story Part 1*

Go Game
Go Game


” I’ve been playing go for 4-5 years, when people asked….”

Shao Lun (Co-Founder)

That was actually the December of 2003 when Shaolun discovered the amazing software Igowin, a pretty cool software for any beginners to play the game of Go. Undoubtedly, not know the objectives of the game, it was awfully performed.

Hikaru no go was released in Comic Weekly (Chinese), who would have thought the rules of the game without explanation? One would definitely skip the pages.

Thus, Xinwen had begun to like this game continuing for months until 2004 with Shaolun without playing online yet using Othello/Reversi board game and VIA call (laughter). In the month of March/April, Shaolun stumbled across a fabulous Online Go Server, KGS

… and hence the stories continued…in the land of stranger, domain of unknown hospitality.


” I started to register an account named ‘voonboy’ … “