*Basic Joseki 1*

Joseki Figure 1


Often beginner (8k or weaker) would make this terrible mistake in this Joseki, which Xinwen trying to voice it out now.

White “1” Kakari the hoshi, Black replied with move “2” pincer then follows-up to Black “6”. Black “6” is the fundamental mistake to this Joseki!

Move “6” is only correct for 3-3 invasion-Joseki but in this case, Move “6” would not work because of White stone “1”. Thus White should really punish the black.



Joseki Figure 2

Thus, White should play “1” then cut at “3” when Black replied at “2”.

Black does not have any good move, moving at “a” will make White to hane at “c”; then 3 stones died. Black atari at “b” force White to kill the stone and get a bigger corner in additional 1-stone aji at the left.

This is the simplest punishment for black, another variation for white would be pincer at “a” instead of “1” shown in the Joseki Figure 2.

In more advanced level, one should take this keep as a fundamental theory – changing the sequence.

Commented by Amateur 2-Dan Xinwen