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Fundamental Net-ting
Fundamental Net-ting


Welcome to “xinwengolife.wordpress.com”

This wordpress is sorely focus on the issue of Xinwen’s Go Life; fellow readers are welcomed to know the go lifestyle of Xinwen and/or fellow go players may allow to learn from Xinwen’s games of go.

Moreover, this wordpress also would provide information regarding Go issues around the world, pictures of any Go activities at which Xinwen may happens to confront.

” have you figured out the answer of the picture posted ” Fundemental Net-ting?”


Biography of Xinwen

Xinwen V^^^
Xinwen V^^^

Name: 陈欣汶 @ Chin Sin Voon
Baptized Name: Ignatius
Alias: Lucifer, Xinwen
Date of Birth: 19th, August, 1987

KGS Nick: Xinwen or Darkxinwen
Go Rank: Amateur 2-Dan (2008)
Go Status: Organizer, Teacher, In-charge of any Go Affairs of Brunei.
Favorite Go Player: Go-Seigen
Favorite Fuseki: Sanren-Sei
Go Style: Simple yet greedy, changes accordingly to mood (moyo, territory oriented, etc)