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“flowery” female professional go championship


The 1st “Flowery Female Professional Go Championship” 「花樣圍棋女王戰」will be held on the 27th September in Korea Baduk Association.

The event is organized by “Flowery Baduk Institution” 「花樣圍棋中心」 which was newly opened by Famel Korean Professional Players: Moon Dowon (文度媛),  Lee Da Hye (李多慧), Bae Yunjin (裴允珍) and Kim Hye Lim (金慧琳). There are 3 institutions opened for adult classes in Seoul and with the support from members, they managed to host their event.

Currently, There are only three professional Go Tournament in Korea namely the Female Pro League, Female National Touranemt and Female Meijin Tournament. Furthermore, Female National Tournament and Female Meijin Tournament uses Elimination Rules which limit the amount of serious matches for female players. Hence, the”Flowery Female Professional Go Championship” will run 4-Rounds of Swiss System during the Preliminary Rounds and  12 players will advance to Round-Robin rules in 2 groups. only two players from each group will advance to Quarter-Final. The Semi Final will be on 21st October and final will be on the 25th October, 2016.

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Young Go Prodigy 7-years old

*仲邑菫 (Nakamura Sumire)*

photo credit: Ms. Kanami

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Daughter of  Nakamura Shinya (仲邑信也), Nakamra Sumire-chan (仲邑菫) who has became a Go sensational topic as she possesses amateur 7-dan at the age of seven only!

During the interview, she is intending to become professional player and she loves doing tsumego!

*more pictures of little girl*

Malaysia International Amateur Go Championship – Free for 128 players!



Malaysia International Amateur Go Championship organized by Ipoh Weiqi Enterprise is now open for free registration to the first 128 players! Register now and check to see if you are in the fist 128!

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Joanne Missingham strongest female player in Taiwan!


All Participants

The 2nd Strongest Female Go Tournament” was held from the 17th of August and ended on the 26th August, 2016 with Joanne Missingham (黒嘉嘉) meeting up against Yang ZiXuan (楊子萱) in the final. Joanne Missingham who had won the 1st Strongest Female Title previous year had shown another marvelous performance in this one.

During the final match, Rin Kaiho (林海峰), O-Rissei (王立誠) and Xie-YiMin (謝依旻) had made their appearances during the commentary.

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Top 10 Corner Life and Death by Haylee

*Classic Tsumego Exercise*


Malaysia International Amateur Go Championship



The 1st Malaysia International Amateur Go Championship will be held from October 2016 to March, 2017! How do you register? find out more at

Cash prize of RM50,000 (USD12,000+) will be given to the finalist! Players will be playing on OGS ( for preliminary round with fees and finalist will be met in Ipoh, Perak next year 2017!

New member of Brunei Darussalam Go Asssociation

*Zhao from China*

Zhao who resides in Brunei

Zhao who has been learning Go at young age resides in Brunei doing business with his parents selling famous “Assam Pedas Mee” at pasar malam occasionally and others.

According to Zhao, while he was studying at Laksamana College in Brunei, he had been looking for Go Club to join but with no luck contacting the Association until recently.

The President of the Association, Ms.Lim presented the Association T-shirt as membership ceremony for Zhao’s recruitment. Zhao is apparently China 5-dan!

Richest Go Players in Japan!?

*Iyama Yuta and Hsien Yi-Min*

WhatsApp-Image-20160718 (1)
7 Title-Holders Iyama Yuta (井山裕太)
5 Title-Holders Xie Yi-Min (谢依旻)

In April, 2016, Iyama Yuta is the first player ever to hold all seven major titles simultaneously. He already already earned in over USD1 Million already.

In July, 2016, Xie Yi Min had won 1st Senko Cup (worth USD74K+) recently which entitled her the 5th Title Holders. Basically She had basically earned USD290k+ already.

Go x K-SWISS commercial (REPLY1988)

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