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Brunei Team gotten 8th in 21st Asian University Go Tournament in Bangkok

*Alumni Category*

Triple Go Event
South East Asia Team: Li Ting (Front), Eileen Goh (Mid) & Chaihui (Back) vs Singapore Team

24-27th June was the 21st Thailand Asian University Go Tournament held in Silpakorn University, Bangkok. Brunei representative, Chai Hui had joined in with another two female representatives from Singapore in taking part of University Alumni Category of this event.

The event attracted 13 Asian Countries to participate along with over 300 local Thai-Students from over 50 institutions.

The event is categorized into three divisions: 1) National High-School Tournament 2) Asian University Go Tournament and 3) Alumni of Asian University Go Tournament.

Each Team comprised of three members from Alumni of Asian University Go Tournament competed 6 rounds in 3 days; Lim’s Team came out 8th out of 12th.




1st BDGA Holiday 13×13 Go Competition

*World Vision Tuition School*

June 24th (Sunday), BDGA hosted a holiday finale activity: 1st 13×13 Go Competition for students. There were supposed to have 12 participants; 2 were disqualified.

The event gathers the participants to form a team of two players; however fighting separately to total-up their winning scores to decide the champion team, 2nd place team & 3rd place team.

The competition used swiss system; time setting was 15minutes, 3 byo-yomi periods of 30 seconds. The event started from 9.30pm and adjourned at 4.30pm

The Team:

Team TanGo: David x Yeo ST
Team Black: Lim ZY x Lim FY
Team Sun&Moon: Azeema x Ayra
Team Baduk: Sham NC x Oh YJ
Team ArticGo: Sun Yeo x Cayenne Yeo


Each participants were first handed out their official Rank Certificate by XinWen, Asst. President of Brunei Darussalam Go Association.

Student’s Ranking:-
1) David Lim 14th kyu
2) Lim SN 14th kyu
3) Sakuya 15th kyu
4) Yeo ST 15th kyu
5) Sun Yeo 15th kyu
6) Cayenne Yeo 15th kyu
7) Oh YJ 16th kyu
8) Sham NC. 17th kyu
9) Jasper Pang 17th kyu
10) Lim FY 20th kyu
11) Lim ZY 21st kyu
12) Azeema 21st kyu
13) Ayra 22nd kyu

The Standings:

1) Champion Team: TanGo
David Lim (champion individual)
Yeo ST (2nd place individual)

2) 2nd Place Team: Black
Lim FY (4th place individual)
Lim ZY (6th place individual)

3) 3rd Place Team: Baduk
Sham NC (3rd place individual)
Oh YJ (8th place individual)

4) 4th Place team: ArticGo
Sun Yeo (5th place individual)
Cayenne Yeo (7th place individual)

5) 5th Place team: Sun&Moon
Azeema (10th place individual)
Ayra (9th place individual)

Hokkien Association Go Class – Closure

*No More Hokkien Association Go Class*


Dear all, there will be no more Go classes at Hokkien Association, Kiulap effectively from today (4th May)

For public members who are interested in learning Go, our classes will be conducted at World Vision Tuition School, Kiarong

1) Monday 7-9pm
2) Tuesday 7-9pm
3) Friday 7-9pm
4) Sunday (children’s class) 5-6.30pm

Please contact +673 7234768 (instructor chin) for fees inquiry

*Kiarong Go Class*


First Season Maktab Sains Go Class Graduate!

*First Season Go Class*

all pictures credit to Ms.Adeline & Ms. Szenee

The first season Maktab Sains Go Class started in January with 20 upper sixth students.

Classes commence every Thursday conducted by instructor from Brunei Darussalam Go Association. However the last class ended on the 5th April with simple ceremony giving all students a certificate of completion.

*Certificate Ceremony*

*Last game of the season*

Happy Chinese New Year 2018 from BDGA

*Chinese New Year Gathering*

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-23 at 11.16.33 PM.jpeg

On behalf of Brunei Darussalam Go Association, we wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year!

BDGA had a small gathering and Ang Pao give away to participants for winning/losing event cum with simple potluck!

Gong Xi Fa Cai in Kuching 2018!


A Happy Chinese New Year Greeting in Kuching again with the Go Club Members!

The club is operated by Jonathan Goh (Who is also in charge of teaching Chinese-Chess) and Michael Ling. The class is offered every Week at a fees of RM60 per month.

Find out more of Kuching Weiqi at

3 Days Go Booth at Timesquare for Japan Culture Week!

*Go Booth

The event was organized by the Embassy of Japan and hosted in Timesquare for 3 days from 2nd February to the 4th February 2018!

Brunei Darussalam Go Association had an opportunity to get invited by the embassy to set up a booth to promote the game to the youngsters! Everyone seem to enjoy the game!


7% : Behind the Scenes of FineArt

*Chinese FineArt Documentary AI: 7%

AlphaGo Documentary

*AlphaGo Documentary

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