[news] Enru made 4-wins in his debut in the 36th World Amateur Go Championship, Bangkok

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*Brunei Team*

Brunei Team
Brunei Team

[credit: En Ru]


The 36th World Amateur Go Championship was held first time in Bangkok, Thailand from the 5th June to 12th June, 2015. The event was hosted by Thailand Go Association, International Go Federation and Korea Amateur Baduk Association at Montien Riverside Hotel.

There were 57 countries participated the championship and EnRu (1-Kyu) was the representative from Brunei accompanied by ChaiHui (President) and SinVoon (Director). The tournament lasted for 4-days with 8-rounds of matches in total. Marvelously, EnRu has achieved one of the best result ever making in debut with 4-wins out of 8 games!

Thus, Brunei Darussalam Go Association shall promote EnRu to official 1-dan with official certificate.

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Round 2 vs Luxembourg
Round 2 vs Luxembourg
The Champions
The Champions


Champion – ChangHun KIM, South Korea
2nd place – AoHua HU , China
3rd place – Jyun-Fu LAI, Chinese Taipei
4th place – Chan Chi-Hin, Hong Kong
5th place – Satoshi Hiraoka, Japan
6th place – Cornel Burzo, Romania
7th place – Artem Kachanovskyi, Ukraine

11th place – FuKang CHANG, Malaysia
12th place– Rit Bencharit, Thailand

16th place – Rafif Fitrah, Indonesia
17th place – Jie Hui KWA, Singapore

25th place – Khanh-Binh Do, Vietnam

52nd place En Ru LI, Brunei 

for more information. please refer: http://www.pandanet.co.jp/event/worldama2015/live_e.htm


World Wide Iwamoto Awards 2015

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*Iwamoto Awards*

Kaoru Iwamoto
Kaoru Iwamoto (1902 – 1999)

[credit: http://go-centre.nl/wp/26457/]


Iwamoto Kaoru (9-dan) was known to be a great contributor of Go in the West (Europe & US) by setting up the Iwamoto Foundation in 1986. The World Wide Iwamoto Awards is named after him as his contest is to follow Iwamoto Kaoru’s wish of spreading Go around the World.

The contest was first held in Europe in 2001, 2003, 2007 and 2012. In 2015, the Awards are expended to a global level.

Without second thoughts, Brunei Darussalam Go Association is joining.

for more information: http://go-centre.nl/wp/26457/
our submitted entry: http://go-centre.nl/wp/portfolio/brunei-darussalam-go-association/


Xinwen to talk in Pecha Kucha Brunei 30th May, 2015

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*Pecha Kucha*

[Pecha Kucha About Go Game Weiqi By Bob Babber and Mark Rubensteirn]


According to Wikipedia source.
Pecha Kucha is a presentation style in which 20 slides are shown for 20 seconds each The format, which keeps presentations concise and fast-paced, powers multiple-speaker events called PechaKucha Nights (PKNs).PKN was devised by Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham of Tokyo’s Klein-Dytham Architecture (KDa).

I personally very attracted to the idea of Pecha Kucha because of my architectural background, which I find PK an essential method to deliver architectural presentation. To my surprise, PKN exists in Brunei (http://www.pechakucha.org/cities/bandar-seri-begawan) and with such opportunity given I took the courage to register. Nonetheless, the topic I will be talking is about Go and it will be happening in ITB the 30th of May, 2015.

Hence there are quite a few of Go presentation which I have been watching, taking notes and studied as shown below.

*Presentation about Go*

(amusing presentation by Jean-Sébastien Caux)

(Go in New World by Frank Lantz)



Full List of players from the 1st Brunei International Invitational Go Tournament 2014

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I have embedded the Tournament Booklet for the 1st Brunei International Invitational Go Tournament 2014 for everyone’s pleasure to read.

Booklet designed by me.

Enru will be making his debut in upcoming World Amateur Go Championship

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*Qualifying Games*

Qualifying Match
Qualifying Match 14th March, 2015

The 36th World Amateur Go Championship will be held in Bangkok from the 5th ~ 12th June, 2015. Nonetheless, Brunei Darussalam Go Association has prepared to send Enru (1-kyu) who is making his debut in International Scene.

The Qualifying was between Enru and Chee Ming (6-kyu) in the best of 3 matches at Capital Residence Suite. Games can be found below:

Game 1 Kifu:

Game 2 Kifu:

Game 3 Kifu:

Happy Chinese New Year Goat 2015

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*Chinese New Year Greetings*

Chinese New Year Greetings
Chinese New Year Greetings


Happy Chinese New Year to everyone out there! Hope you all have a prosperous, joyful year ahead!!

Don’t forget to play more games! I mean Go!

A New Year Resolution 2015

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*Happy New Year 2015*

Happy New Year 2015
Happy New Year 2015


The year of 2014 was definitely one of the greatest victories and a milestone. I am grateful to announce, the Association is prepared for any International scene but not fully equipped though.

Nevertheless, I thought everyone in the Association had done a great job fulfilling the tasks and mission. The International Go Tournament was not achieving satisfactory performance and still ranked Brunei one of the weakest again in South East Asia.

1) Thankful to Capital Residence Suite:
We have managed to get a place for all existing players to meet every Saturday Night at the cafeteria of Capital Residence Suite. Really grateful!

Thus, I have started arranging series of lessons for the players to level-up and to reach solid dan!

Regular Saturday Night Meet-up
Regular Saturday Night Meet-up

2) Learning from incident:

It was very very unfortunate to say, my last event “The 1st Brunei International Invitational Go Tournament” had cost a life. This had left a unforgettable impact in everyone even me; everyone of us there had done their best and donated their best amount to the family. Chai Hui and I had personally visited the family in Kuala Lumpur and talked about it.

Regardless…Brunei Darussalam Go Association had also learned from this dreadful experience and had discussed with Malaysia Go Association to conduct a strict safety precaution to the next International Invitational event which was agreed to be held in 2016.

3) Recruitment Strategy:

This has always been the greatest challenge ever since most of the existing players got graduated. The Association seriously need to “raid” some of the Brunei high-schools to promote and introduce the game of Go. Currently the Association’s advantage is having a meet-up place already in Capital Residence Suite!

4) Be Professional:

It is true that the Association has not been very professionally performed in organising and administrative works. This is very painful to deal with; as existing members started to have their own commitment and they could not spare an hour or two-hours in the Association or the game..!