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Brunei Go Class registration open 2019

*Registration open now*

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Appreciation Video of South East Asia Friendly Go Exchange 2018

*South East Asia Friendly Go Exchange 2018 in Brunei*

This video is dedicated to everyone who has participated in the South East Asia Friendly Go Exchange in Brunei 2018 with love.

May you all find happiness and joy during your short stays in Brunei. Please relax and enjoy our appreciation clip!

On behalf of all crew of Brunei Darussalam Go Association, we hope to see you again!

Video is directed by Sakuya, and serves no profitable purposes!
IG: bruneigo

Highlights of the South East Asia Go Exchange 2018 in Brunei


City Night Tour

Tanjung Bunga Homestay Local Experience

Royal Regalia Museum Group Picture

*Special Featuring*

Red Crescent, Nabil Artist and Din Kartun

*Special Highlight*

Short Presentation about Brunei Darussalam Go Association

Launching of Brunei December Festival & Meeting with His Majesty Sultan of Brunei

Kyu-Lecture by Ryo Maeda Sensei 6p

Bringing Pro to JAHB Mosque, Empire Hotel and so on

Pondok Seri Wangi Jerudong Farewell

South East Asia Friendly Go Exchange 2018 in Brunei

*South East Asia Friendly Go Exchange*

DSC_0323Picture credit to owner

The South East Asia Friendly Go Exchange 2018 in Brunei was held from the 1st December to the 2nd December, 2018 at D’Anggerek Serviced Apartment. This event is also known as the 3rd Brunei International Invitational Go Tournament.

There were 39 participants divided into two categories: Junior & Open Category. Countries that participated came from Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand Bangkok, Thailand Chonburi and Thailand Nonthaburi. In addition to that, we have 4 special guests from Japan: Ryo Maeda 6pFrancis Meyer 1pMariko Deguchi 1p and Risa Go 6d.

The event is supported by the Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism, sponsored by Sigma Cyberspace and Aiking Trading as our official drink partner.

*Opening Ceremony*

Picture Credit to Vincent

The opening ceremony was commenced on the 1st December, 2018 at D’Anggerek Serviced Apartment at about 1.30pm officiated by our guest of honour: Deputy Permanent Secretary, Yang Mulia Tuan Wardi bin Mohammad Ali from the Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism.

Brunei Darussalam Go Association presented Go Set as gift of appreciation to our guest of honour followed by Yang Mulia Tuan Wardi sounding the gong to bestow blessing and official the opening ceremony.

Our special guest from Japan each was given art portrait done by local artist: Ainan Salsabeelaa Kassim.


The main event is divided into two categories: SEA Junior and SEA Open. Junior comprised players from only double-digit kyus while Open division allows only players from single-digit kyu to dans.

*Side Event*

Relay Go

Pair Go

Teaching Game

*Closing Ceremony*

Champion and Top Finalists

Champion Team in Relay Go
Runner-Up in Relay Go

Runner-up Pair Go
Champion Pair Go Team

Open Category Individual Result:
1- Pongmate (Nonthaburi Thailand)
2- House CHUAH (Singapore)
3- LEE Shou Xuan (Malaysia)
3- Panyakorn (IQ UP Thailand)
4- LEE Mun Kit (Malaysia)
5- Phacharaphon (Chonburi)
6- Napat Keith (IQ Up Thailand)
7- Pannapat (IQ Up Thailand)
8- Jacky Yin (Brunei)
9- Dhiravee (Nonthaburi Thailand)
10- Punnaris (IQ UP Thailand)

12- Michael CHEN (Brunei)

14- LIM CheeMing (Brunei)
15- Victor WONG (Brunei)

18- SHAM NengCong (Brunei)
19- David Lim (Brunei)

Junior Category Individual Result:
1- TEH Wei Jie (Malaysia)
2- Pisith (IQ UP Thailand)
3- LO ZeShawn (Malaysia)
4- Warinthorn (IQ UP Thailand)
5- Krittapol (IQ UP Thailand)
6- Thanad (IQ UP Thailand)
7- Nattawat (Nonthaburi Thailand)
8- Feng Yang (Brunei)
9- Supisara (Chonburi Thailand)
10- Supakrid (IQ UP Thailand)

13- Mohamed Ali (Brunei)

15- OH Yoon Jae (Brunei)
16- LIM Zhen Yang (Brunei)

South East Asia Friendly Go Exchange 2018 in Brunei

*Finalized Poster*


It is finally here, South East Asia Friendly Go Exchange, aka. the 3rd Brunei International Invitational Go Tournament.

Third time hosting international event, three times better!

3rd Confucius Cup in Malaysia


10th ~ 13th November, 2018 was the 3rd Confucius Cup in Malaysia. Brunei Darussalam Go Association for the first time participated in this event by sending two representatives:

1- Michael Chen (3-dan)
2- JinQuan (5-kyu)

Total of 64 contestants competing in the 2-days event, and Michael Chen has brilliantly snatched 4-wins out of 6 games and positioned himself  at 22nd/64th. On the other hand, JinQuan managed to best himself at 3wins and positioned at 39th/64th.


3rd Shanglv Cup in Hangzhou


Brunei Representative: Michael CHEN

Brunei Player: Michael CHEN alone participated in the annual National Amateur Go Championship “Shanglv Cup” in Hangzhou from the 27th October to the 1st November, 2018.

The event is considered the biggest amateur championship open in China, over 500 contestant swarmed in. There are cash prizes for top winners and rank certificates for everyone.

The competition performance level is very high, many top players are in the league; regardless, Michael has managed to snatch 2 wins out of 9 games!

more info:

*Pictures from Internet*

2nd ‘Jingcai Panzhou Cup’

*Brunei Team got 7th/8th*

Brunei Team

Brunei TeamLeader: Chin Sin Voon (4-dan)
1- Li En Ru (1-dan)
2- Sia Kao Xiang (2-dan)
3- Michael Chen (3-dan)
U-15 player: Lim Feng Yang (16-kyu)

The 2nd Jingcai Panzhou Cup China ASEAN invitational Go Tournament was held from the 17th October ~ 20th October at Guizhou Province, Panzhou City, Tuole Ancient Gingko Scenic Park, Tuole ASEAN Conference Center.

The event consisted of eight participating teams: China Team, Guizhou China Team, Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

The event is hosted by the China Weiqi Association, Government of Liupangshui and Sport Adminstration of Guizhou Province. Organized by Liupangshui Sport Bureau, the Committee of Panzhou City and the Government of Panzhou City; Event managed by Bureau of Culture, Sports, Television and Press and Publication, Panzhou Tourism Culture Investment Co., Ltd.(Guizhou) and Beijing Beishi Yingtewei Network Technology Co.,Ltd.   

In addition, four professional go players were invited . The professional players are: 华以刚 (HUA YiGang), 曹大元 (CAO DaYuan) , 陈盈 (CHEN Ying) , 王汝南 (WANG Runan), 常昊 (CHANG Hao) and 聂卫平 (NIE WeiPing).

*Brunei Team in action*

The tournament is split into two groups in a double elimination fashion. Group A comprises of China Team, Malaysia Team, Singapore Team and Indonesia Team while Group B are Brunei Team, Guizhou Team, Vietnam Team and Thailand Team.

Brunei Adult Team lost to Guizhou Team on the first round, followed by an unfortunate loss against strong Vietnamese Team on the 2nd round; However, during the final round to decide the position of 7th or 8th place; Brunei team had managed to grab a victory at the closest marginal game against Indonesia Team.

Kaoxiang played a teaching game against Cao Dayuan while Fengyang played with Ms. Chen Ying after the matches.

The event introduced new U15 Team Relay Go Competition which comprises of a team of 4 young players with each team lead by a professional coach Ms. Chen and Mr. Cao. Each coach will assess the level of the team and then decides the turn order of them.

On Team Chen the opposing side, they sent out Vietnamese young boy as first player to kick-start the opening of the game; while on Team Cao, Brunei representative Lim Feng Yang was instructed to handle them.

After a rotation of swapping out players, Team Cao falls short and surrendered the game; regardless Lim Feng Yang from Brunei had earned remarkable experience and gotten himself the latest Ipad  (6th generation 2018) as prize!

*Closing Ceremony*

Brunei Team

In addition the side event consisted of Pair Go with professional players by the local and Artificial Intelligence Forum where all teams were asked to play against mysterious AI.

Final Result:

Champion Team- China
2- Thailand
3- Singapore
4- Vietnam
5- Guizhou
6- Malaysia
7- Brunei
8- Indonesia

Highlights of Go Activities in the 13th KPMC

*Visit to Korea Baduk Association, Hanguk Kiwon*

*Visit to Kwon HyoJin Baduk Academy*

*13th KPMC Highlights Part 1*

*13th KPMC Highlights Part 2*

*Tour Day*

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